Tape Stock Digitising

At ArtAV we have a fully equipped machine room and post production suite. This allows us to take your artwork from the original master, retaining the integrity of your work.

Be your original on Digi-BETA or Betacam SP or anything else in between at ArtAV our machine room and post production suite can digitise it. Taking your original tape and digitising it allows the work to continue be viable for exhibition purposes.

Once your work has been digitised we have a number of options; from LTO Archive to Re-mastering with our Post Production Suite.

See LTO Archiving to find out about how you can make sure your work is stored in the best possible way.

With a full Post Production Suite we can work with you to remaster your work; correct any errors, remove artifacting and noise and add a finishing gloss to your work to make sure when exhibited it can be the best possible version of your vision.

We use Da Vinci Resolve Studio to improve the visual aspects of the work including colour, noise reduction and sizing. Artist and studios can be in the room with us making sure the work is improved the way you want it to and our experienced team can help guide you to get the best from the work and technology in use.

Combined with our vast rental stock we can even show you what the work would like on various projectors at the size you want to exhibit.


ArtAV Tape Rack includes formats such as DigiBeta, BetaCAM SP and HDV

“Art AV always provides a very professional service. They have a great understanding of, and respect for the diverse complexities of different works and take great care in maintaining the original aesthetic."  Sue Macdiarmid - Steve McQueen Exhibitions Producer