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Our fully digital Fohhn sound system is the perfect solution when sound quality is a priority. Our AM-40 AIREA master module, LX-10 ASX loudspeakers and AS-10 ASX sub woofer come together to provide a compact, lightweight but powerful loudspeaker system. With the ability to control different zones individually, every speaker includes DSP and a corresponding amplifier, these systems provides amazing flexibility. The whole system is remotely controllable and efficient in terms of installation effort.
We also stock LX-60, LX-100 and AS-10 loudspeakers from the Linea LX range.


Designed to suit the broadest range of listening environments our Genelec 8020’s and 8030’s give an unrivalled experience. When your project requires excellent performance without sacrificing quality you can depend on Genelecs to exceed your expectations. From professional studios to gallery and museum spaces, the Genelecs have been crafted to combine extraordinary power with absolute precision.


The amazing LSR4328P needs to be heard to be believed!
The 4328P features RMC™ Room Mode Correction, JBL’s exclusive technology that automatically analyzes and corrects the response of each speaker in the room for absolute accuracy at the mix position.

The LSR308 2-way Active Studio Monitor from JBL features 8″ Low Frequency Driver and 1″ Tweeter and is designed for to be used in a variety of venues. With the capability of very high volumes these studio monitors are a highly cost effective option.


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