Outdoor Projection Enclosures

ArtAV Outdoor Projection Enclosures (by Vizbox) are available for hire to keep your projectors dry, at the right temperature, safe and secure at your outdoor events.

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ArtAV's large projection enclosures are designed for large foot print projectors and are capable of being outside in a variety of weather conditions. With a thermal insulation lining, and a PLC controlling the heating and cooling our enclosures keep your projector at optimum temperature.

The fully programmable remote control solution, VB247, uses RS232 for powering the projector on and off and building in schedules.

The projector itself sits on a pull out tray for easy maintenance. Three of the four sides can be unlocked allowing access to your projector if cables need reseating or lamps changing out.

The enclosures have several attachment options allowing them to be mounted in many orientations.



Our outdoor projector enclosures & media server supplied to KS Objektiv for Teemu Määttänen's installation of NOSTE - part of the Southbank's Winter Light Festival  


Our outdoor projector enclosures being set up ready for Southbank's Winter Light Festival