Synchronized Video

ArtAV’s experience working with synchronized media playback, for over a decade, allows us to provide unique and effective solutions that will produce frame accurate video playback up to 8K resolution.

Whether your project is a large 40 channel video installation or dual screen installation we have the answer for all project sizes.

We can provide Synchronized Video Systems in a variety of formats and budgets. Below is a selection of what we have and their various applications, if however you need something more specific let us know.

ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it – Lisbon Oceanarium
ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it at Lisbon Oceanarium features an ArtAV Hypersync Custom show control that plays 14 UHD screens in sync.
Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio ArtAV Hypersync System

We are one of only a handful of suppliers in the world able to offer hardware synchronized HyperDeck Systems.

We developed our own hardware solution, the ArtAV Hypersync, to provide Sub-frame genlocked synchronization. Capable of up to 40 channels of 4K, HD uncompressed, ProRes or DNxHD video and 16 audio channels.

We have two solutions with our Hypersync. Hypersync-E is the original but now updated running the latest release software. With it’s touchscreen controller you have the basic control of play, stop and restart, and now includes Cue points that can be set to quickly jump to 10 different time-codes. We also have our 1/3 rack Hypersync Mini. Following on from the release of the Hyperdeck Mini the smaller form Hypersync is designed to work in tandem with the player and is compatible with the Terranex Shelf. Our HyperSync solution is intuitive and easy to use. Click here for more info

ArtAV Hypersync

Hypersync-E is used to control Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio players.

ArtAV Hypersync

The Hypersync Mini was purposefully designed to sit alongside the Hyperdeck Studio Mini

Brightsign Systems

We have a huge range of Brightsign players from the very latest 4K players to older versions ideal for use with CRT monitors on historic artworks. With the ability to playback H265 4K content synced and issue various equipment commands to integrate with projectors and lights, Brightsigns are versatile and budget friendly.

Every member of the team is fully trained on the players and BrightAuthor and can help bring your project to life. The systems are synced using Brightsigns operation software BrightAuthor over a network. This also allows content to be updated over said network and systems can be scheduled to power up and play, ideal when the exhibition can't be manned by technical staff for the duration.


Brightsign players can be synced over a network.

Video Server Systems

At ArtAV we have a diverse range of options when it comes to high end video servers. We own industry leading servers capable of multi channel synchronised playback  each one with a slightly different speciality allowing us to find the perfect server for your needs.

You have the option of Industry leading software and hardware from disguise with their d3 2x2 servers. These machines are extremely powerful and used for most projection mapping live events around the world. With excellent 3D modelling capabilities d3 servers lend themselves very well to projection mapping, so when you want to put your content onto a building no matter what shape it is d3 is the one you want. We have used ours for multiple events including GNR 1 Millionth Runner, where we mapped the side of the Sage in Gateshead for the celebration event.

We stock several Dataton Watchout purpose built servers, another excellent timeline driven playback software capable of linking together multiple displays for synchronised playback. It too can be used for projection mapping and can often be found in theatres helping bring sets to life. We used ours to great effect for the Venice Architecture Biennale where 16 projectors and 58 speakers played back an engaging work from Niall McLaughlin and Yeoryia Manolopoulou linking Alzheimers and architecture. Running for 6 months with minimal fuss Watchout is a solid reliable platform to build your show on.

When working in the Art industry the capability to playback uncompressed video image sequences is the holy grail of picture quality. Our 7th Sense Delta servers are designed for just that. With powerful graphics cards able to process individual frames of uncompressed video and sound and playback frame accurate our 7th Sense servers have provided stunning image solutions for installations where image quality is paramount. They've been used to showcase Isaac Julien's ground breaking 9 screens installation Ten Thousand Waves around the world.

Our Touch Designer servers offer incredible interactivity with end users. To this end we used our them for Janet Echleman's net sculptures both in London and Durham. In both cases a large net was suspended between buildings; across Oxford Circus for London Lumiere! Viewers could use a mobile device to add their own shapes and colours to light up the net.


GNR 1 Million Event where D3 servers where used to map onto the Sage Gateshead



Niall McLaughlin at the Venice Architecture Biennale; Ireland Pavilion using Watchout servers


"Janet Echleman 1.8 London Lumierie!" Interactivity was provided by Touch Designer servers