Simeon Nelson – Cosmoscope – Crown Court Diamonds

Taking inspiration from the study of the universe, blood flowing through the human heart and the order and disorder of atoms and molecules, Cosmoscope explores the patterns, structures and similarities of these scientific areas.

Cosmoscope asks us to consider the very, very small scale and imagine the very, very large scale, contemplating our own place in the universe and encouraging us to question how we perceive the world around us. This vast project was developed by a team of scientists and Simeon Nelson, Professor of Sculpture at the University of Hertfordshire.

ArtAV consulted on this project from the plan drafting stage to advise on how to bring the complex shape that is the cosmoscope to life. Cosmoscope is assembled from 51 fabricated steel shapes and has nearly 2000 LED pixels, each of these individual LED’s had to be fixed to the cosmoscope in a specified position, to be mapped by the artist. Being 3.5M in diameter and over two tonnes of solid steel this impressive structure promises a highlight of the festival.

Once the LED’s are fixed into place, using Novastar A45 receiving cards in four video wall driver systems and a MCTRL300 LED Display Controller, they are programmed and controlled to create an impressive light show. Accompanied by 8 speakers, within the Cosmoscope, the show will bring together sculpture, light and sound to recreate the disorder of atoms and molecules.

Photography: Rob Godman

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