Shuster & Molesley – What matters – St Oswalds Church and Churchyard

Shuster & Molesley – What matters – St Oswalds Church and Churchyard

What Matters consists of two immersive light and glass installations. Inside the church, thousands of hand-blown glass pieces depict the birth of light in the universe. In the churchyard, these pieces appear to have joined to form glass bubbles. They hover in clusters, appearing to be suspended in space amongst the trees.

A collaboration between the Institute for Computational Cosmology, Durham University, students at the University of Sunderland and Sunderland Glass Centre.

The installation within St Oswald’s church consisted of shards of glass hanging from a truss system at the top of the church. These individual pieces of glass were then illuminated with eight Panasonic PT-VX600 5500 Lumens, creating a universe of colour around the church. ArtAV are responsible for the design of technical install, playback system and the installation of projection.

The installation of glass bubbles within the church grounds were also installed by ArtAV. We were provided the hand-blown glass bubbles which we fitted with LED’s and weatherproofed. We then programmed the LEDs within the bubbles to slowly pulsate to almost create a starlike feel.

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