Telfar 2020 Spring Ready to Wear Collection, Paris Fashion Week

As one of New York’s most dynamic young designers, Telfar Clemens’ shows are always out of the ordinary. From hosting mosh pits at Irving Plaza to musical performances on helicopter pads, Telfar’s shows always intersect music with critical commentary and wild fun. After a film teaser and party in Brooklyn during New York Fashion Week, the brand moved it’s show to Paris for the first time in 2019. ArtAV were asked to  screen the Clayton Vomero-directed short film called “The World Isn’t Everything” as backdrop to the runway and a lively set by Parisian DJ Crystallmess.


Photography @mitchell_sams.

Using 3 x Epson EB-L1505U 12k WUXGA Laser Projector and Epson 03S Ultrashort Lenses, we had a custom sized Stumfpl Vario front projection screen commissioned for this show to perfectly fit the proscenium arch opening of the stage. A D3 Disguise 2x2 redundant media server rack provided content playback.

Additional video feeds were sent to the Stage manager and backstage areas showing precise timing and cuing information to enable the models and performers to interact with the video with split second timing.

ArtAV technical support were on hand for the installation, show production and de-rig of the event.

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