ONE, The Ocean as you never felt it – Lisbon Oceanarium

The Ocean felt through an immersive journey, is the aim of Oceanário de Lisboa’s newest exhibition, ONE, the Ocean as you never felt it. This artistic installation portrays the deep connection between humans and the sea, while invoking the grandeur of the ocean.

For João Falcato, CEO of Oceanário de Lisboa, “Exhibiting a unique work of art, worthy of any major international museum, will likely be a surprise for Oceanário de Lisboa’s visitors. We hope to provide an unprecedented experience, to inspire pride for the magnificent beings that inhabit Portugal’s sea, and ultimately, to instill a sense of admiration and responsibility to preserve this magnificent underwater world.”

A pioneering technological challenge - cramming 10 ultra high definition projections into a narrow space with curved rear projections and an interactive projection mapped floor with 22.2 surround sound! ArtAV led on all aspects of the Audio Visual and technical stages of the project - working with both local (Lisbon) and international (London, Australia) architects to realise the Oceanarium's dream.

From initial stages consulting with the production team and advising on camera choice and DIT workflows, AV system design and projection modelling through to assisting with media server programming and Notch interactive development.

To further add to the challenge the customer insisted on an incredibly tight design and build schedule to co-inside with a major anniversary - we're happy to say the show opened on-schedule to fantastic press reviews.


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