Isaac Julien – Playtime

One of the most technically challenging productions that Isaac has undertaken; Playtime is an installation of three works at Metro Pictures, New York.

ArtAV helped as technology consultants for over 18 months to ensure Isaac’s ‘Hyperrealistic’ vision was perfectly executed. The work was shot almost entirely at 5k resolution on the Red Epic camera system. The films were conformed and graded at ‘The Look’ (London) where two were ¬†downsampled for display on 55″ LED 1080p displays whilst the main work was sized to 3.5k for subsequent projection on a pair of Christie DLP Projectors – edge blended together. The results are truly stunning.

The detail present in the image on the monitor works almost defies belief with many viewers peering closer and closer to the displays confused by the realism.

The projection is 10m wide and 3m high – a truly panoramic image! Isaac captures desolate Icelandic landscapes, the plight of a philipino worker in Dubai and the enormous valuations placed on works of art for sale in a London auction house.

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