Gucci Grip Watch Global Launch Party

Celebrating the launch of their new ‘Grip’ genderless watch, Gucci hosted a private party at Hawley Wharf in London. The launch was a representation of the collection's aesthetic held in a fluorescent-lit barebones warehouse with projections of street art inspired-campaign images on the walls. The event saw DJ sets by Romy Madley, Kindness and Zakia, along with a live performance by Little Simz. 

ArtAV were involved with the video aspect of the set and space. Working with one of our long time artist collaborators Zsolt Balog . Initially our huge Christie 98” screen display provided a backdrop on the stage for the presentation amongst the stage lights the screens brightness shone out and was used for the creators talk and showcasing the campaign artwork.

Once the party started in the evening ArtAV lit up the stair walls and floor using our Epson laser projector range. Two Epson (EB-L1755u) showcased Zolts creative animation for the brand played back from one of ArtAV’s D3 2x2 servers. 

Between the mornings presentation and the show in the evening ArtAV were asked to move the projectors so that more of the party goers would be able to see the creative content. Fortunately we had bought a spare with us and were able to fulfill the late change in the set design on site. With some assistance from the lighting crew we rigged one of the projectors vertically from the lighting truss and changed a drab concrete floor into a multitude of vibrant colours. 

Thinking on our feet and coming up with feasible solutions and adapting to our clients changing needs is why ArtAV prides ourselves on making moments happen. No matter when, where or how we’ll find a solution in time and in budget.


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