Finola Finn – Know Thyself – Counts House

A beating red heart illuminates inside The Count’s House. Suspended, it grows stronger and brighter, weaker and dimmer – in time with the corresponding sound of a slow, low, abstract heartbeat.

Drawing on 17th century imagery and the ancient proverb ‘Know Thyself’, this installation questions where our sense of self lies. In our hearts, our heads, or not in the body at all?

ArtAV helped create this piece by fitting custom LED lights within a vacuum formed acrylic heart which was then programmed using a standalone DMX controller and audio player to create the lighting effect that represents a beating heart. On installation, ArtAV paired the heart with QSC K8 Speakers and linked the recorded sound of the artists heartbeat to synchronize the sound and lighting effect to really create an impact within the space.

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