Hayward Gallery: Matthew Barney: Redoubt

Matthew Barney’s first museum presentation in the UK in over a decade, features the UK premiere of a ‘breathtakingly beautiful’ new feature-length film.


Redoubt features a series of imposing and intricate sculptures cast from fallen trees and over 40 engravings and electroplated copper plates. The film follows a sharp-shooter in her pursuit of wolves across the winter wilderness of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains. She is accompanied by two dancers moving in dialogue. 

As part of their summer 2021 installations The Haywood Gallery on the South Bank in London commissioned ArtAV to install a cinema space into one of it’s exhibitions that would provide a Covid safe cinema experience for visitors. 

Drawing on our expertise and experience from previous cinema installations, we were able to design and install a suitable space that would fit these unique requirements, transforming  a well lit white box with no sound proofing into a cinema space. To achieve this we completed a multi-faceted design and install of video projection and playback, cinema audio, sound proofing, and control systems for the Hayward team to use..

The gallery worked through extensive testing with ArtAV’s assistance to prepare one wall as a projection surface but the rest of the space needed to be blacked out and sound proofed. We supplied and installed theatrical drapes in the space to cover the white walls and provide a soft surface to aid with sound absorption in the space. These transformed the space both from a visual and audible perspective. In addition to this,  8 custom made black sound absorption panels have been used to assist in shaping and controlling the sound in the space for the best visitor experience.


ArtAV technicians supplied and installed a Barco F90+ 13,000 lumen 4k projector. This projector is neatly suspended on triangular trusses hidden above the ceiling panels in the space.  The Barco is a great choice of cinema projector due to its 4k capability, great lens quality and choice, and it's fine level of colour control. We also installed a colour wheel into the projector to give an even greater level of colour adjustment to ensure the piece is shown to its full potential.

Video playback of the film is delivered using a Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Pro 2 player,  and the 7.1 channel soundtrack is decoded by a pair of Blackmagic Design 4k SDI Audio de-embedders. We installed the specified 7.1 channel sound system using QSC K8 powered speakers and a pair of QSC powered subwoofers. As this is not a fully enclosed cinema space, but open on one side to the rest of the installation, sound level control is critical. To achieve the experience the artist wanted while limiting sound spilling into the rest of the installation, we installed smaller satellite speakers into the space. This allowed individual audio levels to be run to each speaker without detriment to the viewer's experience. Anthony Gallo Micro and Vue speakers were installed to supplement the main cinema 7.1 system.

To simplify the control of the installation ArtAV built a custom scheduler and control setup. This allowed the installation to turn itself on and off each day and run the cinema program at the correct times. The control software integrated the projector, playback and sound. In addition to this the scheduler could easily be switched off and the installation controlled through a simple button panel.

Installation view of Matthew Barney: Redoubt at Hayward Gallery, 2021. © Matthew Barney 2021. Photo: Mark Blower

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