ArtAV brings Energy to AV Festival 2010

AV Festival is a leading international Festival of contemporary art, music and film. A biennial event, the Festival is thematically curated to engage audiences with current ideas across art, society and technology.
The theme of the festival was Energy, this years exhibitions included work from Aura Satz, Rhodri Davies, Charlemagne Palestine, Artificiel and Will Scrimshaw. Performances included Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollards silent sound, Cluster and Zoviet France “Big Water” performance and Alan Moore and Stephen O’Malley. ArtAV provided Technical Management, installation crew and exhibition equipment for the whole festival which ran for 10 days.

Aura Satz at AV Fest 2010 Carillon at AV Fest 2010

Artificiel at AV Fest 2010



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